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Here are the answers to WORD CONNECT ¤ Levels 821 to 830. We have provided screenshot for all the levels here.


Word Connect Level 821 – Open, Peer, Pore, Rope, Opener, (bonus), Nope, Peon, Pone, Repo, Reopen
Word Connect Level 822 – Wore, Tower, Wrote, (bonus), Rote, Tore, Wort


Word Connect Level 823 – Case, Dear, Cadre, Cedar, Scare, Sacred, Scared, (bonus), Aced, Acre, Card, Care, Dace, Dare, Race, Read, Scad, Scar, Sear, Cared, Cased
Word Connect Level 824 – Inset, Sting, Stint, Setting, (bonus), Singe, Stein, Stent, Tinge
Word Connect Level 825 – Ore, Rot, Toe, Vet, Overt, Vector, (bonus), Cot, Orc, Rec, Ret, Rev, Roc, Roe, Tor, Cover, Covet, Recto, Trove, Voter, Covert
Word Connect Level 826 – Cater, Crate, Career, Crater, Create, Tracer, Caterer, Terrace, (bonus), Carer, Carte, Eater, Erect, Racer, Rater, React, Terra, Trace, Carter, Tearer, Retrace
Word Connect Level 827 – Bled, Deal, Lead, Lobe, Doable, (bonus), Abed, Able, Aloe, Bade, Bald, Bale, Bead, Bode, Bola, Bold, Bole, Dale, Dole, Load, Lode, Albedo
Word Connect Level 828 – Least, Slate, Stale, Steal, (bonus), Stela
Word Connect Level 829 – Dire, Ride, Rile, Idler, Drizzle, (bonus), Deli, Idle, Riled
Word Connect Level 830 – Ate, Tea, The, Date, Head, Heat, Hated, (bonus), Eat, Had, Hat, Tad, Hate, Death

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