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Here are the answers to WORD CONNECT ¤ Levels 1221 to 1230. We have provided screenshot for all the levels here.


Word Connect Level 1221 – Acorn, Actor, Canto, Croon, Cartoon, (bonus), Croat, Narco, Octan
Word Connect Level 1222 – Else, Lest, Elect, Steel, Select, (bonus), Sect, Sleet, Stele


Word Connect Level 1223 – Bus, Cub, Sub, Sum, Scum, Succumb, (bonus), Bum
Word Connect Level 1224 – The, High, Eight, Thigh, Height, (bonus), Get, Git, Hie, Hit, Tie, Gite, Eighth
Word Connect Level 1225 – Tarp, Trap, Party, Paltry, Partly, (bonus), Arty, Part, Plat, Play, Pray, Rapt, Tray, Aptly, Raptly
Word Connect Level 1226 – Dove, Love, Delve, Loved, Devolve, (bonus), Dole, Lode, Veld, Vole, Evolved
Word Connect Level 1227 – Clan, Coal, Cola, Cool, Loan, Oval, Volcano, (bonus), Coon, Loco, Loon, Nova
Word Connect Level 1228 – Ate, Sat, East, Seat, State, Astute, (bonus), Eat, Sea, Set, Sue, Tat, Tau, Tea, Tut, Use, Sate, Stat, Suet, Taut, Teat, Test, Taste, Statue
Word Connect Level 1229 – Era, Mar, Make, Mare, Marker, Remark, (bonus), Are, Ark, Arm, Ear, Ram, Mark, Rake, Rare, Ream, Rear
Word Connect Level 1230 – Bored, Rodeo, Boomer, Bedroom, (bonus), Booed, Brood, Broom, Robed, Boomed, Roomed, Boredom

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