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Here are the answers to WORD CONNECT ¤ Levels 961 to 970. We have provided screenshot for all the levels here.


Word Connect Level 961 – Burn, Menu, Numb, Number, (bonus), Berm, Rube, Rune
Word Connect Level 962 – Nor, Son, Soar, Arson, Sonar, (bonus), Oar, Ran, Roan


Word Connect Level 963 – Real, Year, Blare, Early, Layer, Relay, Barely, Barley, (bonus), Able, Ably, Bale, Bare, Bear, Bray, Earl, Lyre, Rely, Belay, Leary, Yerba, Bleary
Word Connect Level 964 – Impel, Slime, Smile, Simple, (bonus), Spiel
Word Connect Level 965 – Fab, Lab, Bail, Fail, Flab, Bailiff, (bonus), Ail, Fib, Lib, Biff
Word Connect Level 966 – Cell, Clog, Glee, College, (bonus), Loge, Ogle
Word Connect Level 967 – Bear, Beat, Brat, Tear, Tree, Berate, Rebate, (bonus), Abet, Bare, Beer, Beet, Beta, Rate, Tare, Beater
Word Connect Level 968 – See, Seer, Serge, Regress, (bonus), Ere, Reg, Sere
Word Connect Level 969 – Band, Bush, Dash, Hand, Sand, Husband, (bonus), Bash, Baud, Bund, Daub, Shad, Shun, Snub
Word Connect Level 970 – Ate, Eat, Pat, Pea, Tap, Tea, Adept, (bonus), Ape, Apt, Pad, Pet, Tad, Taped

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