Word Cookies Chip Answers

Here are the answers to Word Cookies Chip in Impressive Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Chip Level 1 – Akin, Auk, Gain, Gin, Gun, Ink, Kin, King, Nag, Quaking,
Chip Level 2 – Giro, Our, Rig, Rigs, Rug, Rugs, Sir, Sour, Vigorous, Vigour, Virus, Visor,
Chip Level 3 – Dove, Devote, Vet, Doe, Dot, Eve, Tee, Toe, Vote, Veto, Toed, Dote, Voted, Ode,
Chip Level 4 – And, Ant, Ate, Date, Dean, Den, Dent, Eat, End, Neat, Net, Tan, Tanned, Tea, Ten, Tend,
Chip Level 5 – Air, Oar, Oars, Our, Ours, Ova, Sari, Saviour, Savour, Sir, Soar, Sour, Various, Via, Virus, Visa, Visor,
Chip Level 6 – Din, Duly, Dun, Idly, Ilk, Ink, Inky, Inn, Kid, Kiln, Kin, Kind, Kindly, Lid, Link, Nil, Nun, Unkind, Unkindly, Unlink,
Chip Level 7 – Deed, Delude, Deluge, Deluged, Dud, Due, Duel, Dug, Edge, Edged, Eel, Elude, Eluded, Gel, Glee, Glue, Glued, Led, Ledge, Lee, Leg, Lug,
Chip Level 8 – Cent, Centric, Cine, Cite, Ice, Inert, Inter, Ire, Net, Nice, Nicer, Nit, Rein, Rent, Rice, Rite, Ten, Tern, Tic, Tie, Tier, Tin, Tire, Trice,
Chip Level 9 – Ale, Awe, Awed, Dale, Deaf, Deal, Dew, Elf, Fad, Fade, Fed, Few, Flaw, Flawed, Flea, Fled, Flew, Lad, Law, Lead, Leaf, Led, Wad, Wade, Weal, Weld,
Chip Level 10 – Airy, Arid, Aridity, Dairy, Dart, Diary, Dirt, Dirty, Dray, Drip, Paid, Pair, Parity, Part, Party, Pity, Pray, Raid, Rapid, Rapidity, Rapt, Tardy, Tidy, Trap, Tray, Triad, Trip, Yard,
Chip Level 11 – Act, Acts, Cast, Cat, Cats, Cautious, Coast, Coat, Coats, Cost, Cot, Cots, Cut, Iota, Its, Oast, Oat, Oats, Oust, Out, Sat, Scat, Scout, Sit, Sot, Stoic, Suit, S, Tic,
Chip Level 12 – Ale, Alien, Ant, Ate, Eat, Entail, Inlet, Lain, Lane, Late, Lean, Leant, Lent, Let, Lie, Lien, Line, Lit, Nail, Neat, Net, Nil, Nit, Tail, Tale, Tan, Tea, Teal, Ten, Tie, Tile, Tin,
Chip Level 13 – Bed, Beg, Begot, Bet, Bid, Bidet, Big, Bigot, Bigoted, Bit, Bite, Bode, Bog, Debit, Debt, Die, Diet, Dig, Doe, Dog, Dot, Dote, Edit, Ego, Get, Gibed, God, Got, Ode, Tide, Tie, Tied, Toe, Toed,
Chip Level 14 – Bee, Beef, Beer, Belie, Belief, Bier, Bile, Brief, Eel, Elf, Febrile, Fee, Feel, Fib, Fiber, File, Filer, Fir, Fire, Flee, Flier, Free, Ire, Lee, Leer, Lie, Life, Rebel, Reef, Reel, Relief, Rib, Rife, Rifle, Rile,
Chip Level 15 – Aide, Antidote, Atone, Atoned, Attend, Date, Dent, Detain, Diet, Dine, Dint, Donate, Done, Dote, Edit, Idea, Into, Neat, Node, Note, Noted, Taint, Tainted, Teat, Tend, Tent, Tide, Tied, Tint, Tinted, Toed, Tone, Toned,
Chip Level 16 – Ace, Ache, Ached, Act, Acted, Ate, Cadet, Cat, Cede, Chat, Cheat, Cheated, Dace, Date, Death, Detach, Each, Eat, Etch, Etched, Had, Hat, Hate, Hated, Head, Heat, Heated, Heed, Tea, Teach, Tee,
Chip Level 17 – Err, Erring, Gin, Grin, Grinner, Gun, Gunner, Inn, Inner, Inure, Ire, Nine, Nun, Reign, Rein, Rerun, Rig, Ring, Ringer, Rue, Rug, Ruin, Run, Rung, Runner, Runnier, Unerring, Urge, Urn,
Chip Level 18 – Den, Dens, Dense, Eel, Eels, Else, End, Endless, Ends, Led, Lee, Lend, Lens, Lenses, Less, Lessen, Need, See, Seed, Seeds, Seen, Sees, Send, Sends, Sense, Sensed, Sled,
Chip Level 19 – Able, Ale, Alibi, Alien, Bail, Bale, Ban, Bane, Bean, Biennial, Bile, Bin, Inane, Inn, Lain, Lane, Lean, Lie, Lien, Line, Linen, Nail, Nib, Nil, Nine,
Chip Level 20 – Adept, Aide, Aptitude, Audit, Date, Diet, Duet, Dupe, Edit, Idea, Paid, Pate, Patted, Peat, Pied, Pitted, Tape, Taped, Taut, Tepid, Tide, Tied, Update,

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