Word Cookies Cider Answers

Here are the answers to Word Cookies Cider in Milkshake Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Cider 1 – Digitize, Die, Dig, Get, Tie, Diet, Edit, Tide, Tied, Digit
Cider 2 – Scoffed, Cod, Doe, Fed, Foe, Ode, Off, Sod, Code, Deco, Does, Dose, Foes, Odes, Codes, Scoff
Cider 3 – Titanic, Act, Ant, Can, Cat, Nit, Tan, Tic, Tin, Tit, Cant, Tact, Tint, Antic, Attic, TAcit, TAint, Intact
Cider 4 – Whetted, Dew, Hew, Tee, The, Wed, Wee, Wet, Heed, Teed, Thee, Twee, Weed, Whet, Hewed, Teeth, Tweed, Tweet, Wetted
Cider 5 – Cruelly, Cry, Cue, Cur, Lye, Rue, Rye, Rell, Clue, Cull, Cure, Curl, Lure, Lyre, Rely, Rule, Yell, Cruel, Curly, Lucre, Ulcer
Cider 6 – Varnish, Air, Ash, Has, His, Ran, Sin, Van, Via, Airs, Hair, Rain, Rash, Sari, Shin, Vain, Vans, Visa, Hairs, Rains, Ravish, Vanish
Cider 7 – Acerbic, Ace, Air, Arc, Are, Bar, Bra, Cab, Car, Ear, Era, Ice, Ire, Rib, Acre, Bare, Bear, Bier, Care, Crab, Crib, Race, Rice, Brace, Circa
Cider 8 – Couture, Cot, Cue, Cur, Cut, Ore, Our, Out, Roe, Rot, Rue, Toe, Core, Cure, Curt, Cute, Rote, Rout, Tore, Tour, True, Court, Cruet, Outer, Route, Truce
Cider 9 – Hurtled, Due, Her, Hue, Hut, Led, Let, Red, Rue, The, Duel, Duet, Held, Herd, Hurl, Hurt, Lure, Lute, Rude, Rule, Thud, True, Lured, Ruled, Hurdle, Hurled, Hurtle
Cider 10 – Disband, Add, Aid, And, Bad, Ban, Bin, Bid, Dab, Din, Did, Nib, Sad, Sin, Adds, Aids, Band, Bans, Bias, Bids, Bind, Dabs, Dais, Nibs, Said, Sand, Bands, Basin, Binds
Cider 11 – Amputee, Amp, Ape, Apt, Ate, Eat, Amu, Map, Mat, Met, Pat, Pea, Pet, Put, Tap, Tau, Tea, Tee, Mate, Meat, Meet, Mete, Mute, Pate, Peat, Puma, Tame, Tamp, Tape, Team, Teem, Temp
Cider 12 – Moneyed, Den, Doe, Don, Dye, End, Eon, Eye, Men, Mod, Nod, Ode, One, Yen, Deem, Demo, Deny, Dome, Done, Dyne, Eyed, Mend, Mode, Need, Node, Omen, Demon, Doyen, Enemy, Money, Needy
Cider 13 – Riveted, Deer, Diet, Dire, Dirt, Dive, Edit, Ever, Reed, Ride, Rite, Teed, Tide, Tied, Tier, Tire, Tree, Veer, Vied, Deter, Diver, Drive, Eider, Rivet, Tired, Tried, Derive
Cider 14 – Anathema, Ant, Ate, Eat, Ham, Hat, Hem, Hem, Man, Mat, Men, Net, Tan, Tea, Ten, The, Ahem, Amen, Hate, Heat, Mane, Mate, Mean, Meat, Name, Neat, Tame, Team, Than, Them, Then, Meant, Thane, Anthem
Cider 15 – Lipstick, Ilk, Its, Kit, Lip, Lit, Pit, Sip, Sit, Ski, Tic, Clip, Lits, Lick, Lips, List, Pick, Pits, Sick, Silk, Silt, Skip, Slip, Slit, Spit, Tick, Tips, Clips, Licks, Picks, Slick, Spilt, Split, Stick, Ticks
Cider 16 – Needling, Dine, Edge, Gene, Glee, Idle, Lend, Lied, Lien, Line, Need, Nine, Deign, Elide, Genie, Glide, Ledge, Lined, Linen, Ending, Engine, Legend
Cider 17 – Quickest, Cite, Cues, Cuts, Cute, Ices, Kite, Kits, Quit, Sect, Sick, Site, Skit, Suck, Suet, Suit, Tick, Ties, Tuck, Cites, Kites, Quest, Quick, Quite, Quiet, Quits, Stick, Suite, Ticks
Cider 18 – Champing, Camp, Chap, Chin, Chip, Gain, Hang, Inch, Magi, Main, Mica, Nigh, Pain, Pang, Pica, Ping, Chain, Champ, China, Magic, Manic, Panic, Pinch, Aching, Pacing, Camping
Cider 19 – Draped, Add, Ape, Are, Dad, Ear, Era, Pad, Par, Pea, Per, Rad, Red, Aped, Dare, Dear, Pare, Pear, Read, Reap, Adder, Drape, Dread, Pared
Cider 20 – Fondue, Den, Doe, Don, Due, Dun, Duo, End, Eon, Fed, Fen, Foe, Fun, Nod, One, Ode, Done, Dune, Fend, Feud, Fond, GFund, Node, Nude, Undo, Found, Unfed

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