Word Cookies Clafoutis Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Clafoutis in Fabulous Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Clafoutis level 1 – Eel, Eve, Eye, Lee, Let, Levy, Lye, Tee, Velvet, Velvety, Vet, Yet
Clafoutis level 2 – Deed, Den, Denied, Did, Die, Died, Din, Dine, Dined, End, Ended, Indeed, Need
Clafoutis level 3 – Age, Aging, Egg, Engaging, Gag, Gain, Gang, Gig, Gin, Inane, Inn, Nag, Nagging, Nine
Clafoutis level 4 – Ace, Act, Ate, Cat, Cave, Coat, Cot, Cove, Covet, Eat, Octave, Ovate, Tea, Toe, Vat, Vet, Veto, Vote
Clafoutis level 5 – Inn, Inns, Ion, Ions, Minnow, Minnows, Mow, Mown, Mows, Now, Own, Owns, Sin, Snow, Son, Sow, Sown, Swim, Win, Wins, Won
Clafoutis level 6 – Deign, Den, Die, Dig, Din, Dine, Edging, Egg, End, Gel, Gig, Gin, Glen, Glide, Idle, Led, Leg, Lend, Lid, Lie, Lien, Line, Lined, Niggle, Niggled, Nil
Clafoutis level 7 – Deer, Den, Due, Dun, Dune, End, Endure, Eve, Even, Ever, Need, Nerd, Nerve, Never, Nude, Nun, Red, Reed, Rend, Revue, Rude, Rue, Run, Under, Uneven, Unnerve, Unnerved, Urn, Veer, Vend, Venue
Clafoutis level 8 – Ale, Ales, Ate, East, Eat, Eats, Lase, Last, Late, Least, Lest, Let, Lets, Sale, Salt, Salute, Sat, Sea, Seal, Seat, Set, Slat, Slate, Stale, Steal, Sue, Suet, Tale, Tales, Tea, Teal, Teas, Use
Clafoutis level 9 – Abet, Abut, Abutted, Ate, Bad, Bade, Bat, Bate, Bated, Batted, Bead, Beat, Bed, Bet, Bud, But, Butt, Butted, Dab, Date, Daub, Debt, Debut, Dub, Due, Duet, Eat, Tab, Taut, Tea, Teat, Tub, Tuba, Tube
Clafoutis level 10 – Ale, Ales, Ease, Easel, Easels, Eases, Eel, Eels, Else, Lane, Lanes, Lase, Lass, Lean, Leanness, Leans, Lease, Leases, Lee, Lees, Lens, Lenses, Less, Lessen, Sale, Sales, Sane, Sea, Seal, Seals, Seas, See, Seen, Sees, Sense
Clafoutis level 11 – Kop, Kops, Oops, Ops, Poky, Sky, Sook, Soy, Spook, Spooky, Spy
Clafoutis level 12 – Espy, Hen, Hens, Hey, Hyphen, Hyphens, Pen, Pens, She, Shy, Spy, Yes
Clafoutis level 13 – Aid, Air, Aria, Arid, Dial, Lad, Laid, Lair, Lard, Liar, Lid, Radial, Radially, Raid, Rail, Rid
Clafoutis level 14 – Gem, Get, Gum, Gun, Gut, Men, Menu, Met, Mug, Mute, Net, Nut, Nutmeg, Ten, Tug, Tune, Unmet
Clafoutis level 15 – Bail, Bifocal, Bloc, Boil, Calf, Coal, Coil, Fail, Fib, Foal, Fob, Focal, Foci, Foil, Loaf, Lob, Loci, Oaf, Oil
Clafoutis level 16 – Ban, Bane, Bans, Base, Baseness, Bases, Bean, Beans, Bee, Been, Bees, Ease, Eases, Sane, Sea, Seas, See, Seen, Sees, Sense, Senses
Clafoutis level 17 – Are, Dare, Dear, Deer, Ear, Eared, Ears, Ease, Eased, Era, Eras, Erase, Erased, Read, Red, Reed, Reeds, Sad, Sea, Sear, Seared, See, Seed, Seer
Clafoutis level 18 – Cell, Cells, Cess, Clue, Clueless, Clues, Cue, Cues, Cull, Cuss, Eel, Eels, Ell, Ells, Else, Lee, Lees, Less, Scull, Sculls, See, Sees, Sell, Sells, Sue, Sues, Use, Uses
Clafoutis level 19 – Dent, Diet, Dine, Diner, Dint, Dire, Dirt, Edit, Inert, Inter, Nerd, Nitride, Rein, Rend, Rent, Ride, Rind, Rite, Tend, Tern, Tide, Tidier, Tie, Tied, Tier, Tinder, Tinier, Tire, Tired, Trend, Tried
Clafoutis level 20 – Add, Adder, And, Are, Dare, Dared, Darn, Dead, Deaden, Dean, Dear, Deed, Deer, Den, Dread, Ear, Eared, Earn, Earned, End, Endear, Endeared, Ended, Era, Near, Neared, Need, Needed, Nerd, Ran, Read, Red, Redden, Reed, Rend

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