Word Cookies Cocktail Answers

Here are the answers to Word Cookies Cocktail in Monumental Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Cocktail 1 – Acid, Act, Aid, Audit, Avid, Cat, Cut, Duct, Tic, Vat, Via, Viaduct,
Cocktail 2 – Core, Fir, Fire, Foci, Foe, For, Force, Ice, Icier, Ire, Ore, Orifice, Rice, Rife, Roe,
Cocktail 3 – Air, Aria, Hair, Harp, Hip, Nap, Nip, Pair, Pan, Par, Pariah, Pin, Piranha, Rain, Ran, Rap, Rip,
Cocktail 4 – Don, Dun, Duo, Duos, Nod, Nods, Noun, Nous, Nun, Nuns, Onus, Sod, Son, Sound, Sun, Undo, Unsound,
Cocktail 5 – Core, Cores, Cosy, Coy, Cry, Err, Errs, Ores, Roe, Rose, Rosy, Rye, Score, Scorer, Sorcery, Sore, Sorry, Soy, Yes, Yore,
Cocktail 6 – Bee, Beet, Behemoth, Bet, Both, Hem, Hob, Home, Hot, Meet, Met, Mob, Moth, Tee, Teem, The, Thee, Them, Theme, Toe, Tomb, Tome,
Cocktail 7 – Adage, Age, Aged, Are, Area, Aver, Dare, Drag, Ear, Era, Gad, Gave, Gear, Grade, Grave, Rag, Rage, Raged, Ravage, Ravaged, Rave, Raved, Read, Red,
Cocktail 8 – Die, Dies, Dig, Digs, Disguise, Disuse, Due, Dug, Guess, Guide, Guides, Guise, Guises, Issue, Issued, Side, Sides, Suds, Sue, Sued, Sues, Use, Used, Uses,
Cocktail 9 – Emit, Epitome, Imp, Item, Meet, Met, Mite, Mope, Omit, Opt, Pet, Pie, Pit, Poem, Poet, Pot, Tee, Teem, Tempi, Tempo, Tie, Time, Tip, Toe, Tome, Top,
Cocktail 10 – Aim, Air, Alarm, Altar, Aria, Arm, Art, Liar, Lit, Mail, Malt, Mar, Marital, Marl, Mart, Martial, Mat, Rail, Ram, Rat, Rim, Tail, Tar, Tiara, Trail, Tram, Trial, Trim,
Cocktail 11 – Bet, Bat, Bay, Abet, Ate, Fiat, Feat, Beta, Byte, Fate, Bit, Beat, Fat, Bait, Tie, Bate, Bye, Yeti, Tea, Eat, Fit, Fib, Yet, Tab, Beatify, Bite,
Cocktail 12 – Race, Real, Care, Ace, Racer, Err, Era, Claw, Car, Earl, Raw, Rear, Awl, Awe, Crawler, Ear, Crew, Crawl, Ware, Lace, Rare, War, Carer, Law, Ale, Arc, Are, Clear, Wear,
Cocktail 13 – Sew, New, Run, Rue, Unscrew, Runs, User, Wren, Urns, Cures, Wrens, Cur, Cue, News, Sure, Sue, Sun, Sewn, Crew, Cues, Nurse, Rues, Use, Sec, Curse, Ruse, Curs, Cure,
Cocktail 14 – Ale, Ape, Apex, Apoplexy, Apple, Apply, Axe, Epoxy, Lap, Lax, Lay, Leap, Lop, Lope, Lye, Opal, Pal, Pale, Pap, Pay, Pea, Peal, Play, Plea, Plop, Ploy, Ply, Pole, Polyp, Pop, Pope, Pox, Yap, Yelp,
Cocktail 15 – Ego, Eye, Gem, Geometry, Germ, Get, Goer, Gory, Got, Greet, Grey, Meet, Mere, Merge, Met, Meteor, Meter, More, Ogre, Ore, Remote, Roe, Rot, Rote, Rye, Tee, Teem, Term, Toe, Tome, Tore, Toy, Tree, Try, Yet,
Cocktail 16 – Race, Rear, Cart, Care, Crate, Caterer, Career, Racer, Cater, Acre, Terrace, React, Create, Eater, Trace, Rate, Tree, Rater, Recreate, Rare, Carer, Tear, Crater,
Cocktail 17 – Slab, Fails, Flans, Ails, Bias, Labs, Nibs, Basil, Basin, Sail, Bails, Bail, Nail, Fans, Bins, Flan, Buns, Sinful, Slain, Lain, Snub, Snail, Fail, Fins, Nails, Bans, Luna, Basinful,
Cocktail 18 – Drop, Odor, Roofs, Rods, Disproof, Rips, Dips, Rids, Roof, Droop, Firs, Foods, Spoor, Spoof, Oops, Food, Proof, Pros, Ford, Prod, Fops, Door, Pods, Doors, Drip,
Cocktail 19 – Ate, Age, Garter, Garret, Err, Era, Eat, Rear, Rag, Rat, Tea, Ear, Gear, Tar, Tag, Gate, Get, Rate, Rater, Rare, Tear, Rage, Art, Are,
Cocktail 20 – Gift, Fiat, Ague, Feat, Audit, Fatigue, Deaf, Duet, Aide, Fate, Edit, Gait, Feud, Idea, Aged, Tide, Fatigued, Daft, Fade, Gate, Gated, Deft, Fetid, Date, Tied, Fated, Guide,

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