Word Cookies Croissant Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Croissant in Distinguished Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Croissant level 1 – Any, Inlay, Ivy, Lain, Lay, Nail, Navy, Nil, Vain, Vainly, Van, Via, Vial, Vinyl
Croissant level 2 – Creep, Crepe, Epic, Ice, Ire, Peer, Per, Pie, Piece, Pier, Pierce, Price, Recipe, Rice, Rip, Ripe
Croissant level 3 – Dodge, Dodges, Doe, Does, Dog, Dogs, Dose, Doses, Ego, Egos, God, Goddess, Gods, Goes, Odd, Odds, Ode, Odes
Croissant level 4 – Deer, Den, Dent, Deter, End, Enter, Need, Nerd, Net, Red, Reed, Rend, Rent, Rented, Tee, Teen, Ten, Tend, Tender, Tern, Tree, Trend
Croissant level 5 – And, Are, Dare, Darn, Dean, Dear, Den, Due, Dun, Dune, Ear, Earn, End, Era, Near, Nerd, Nude, Ran, Read, Red, Rend, Rude, Rue, Run, Under, Unread, Urn
Croissant level 6 – Eel, Eels, Else, Lee, Leer, Lees, Leper, Lepers, Less, Lesser, Peel, Peeler, Peels, Peer, Peerless, Peers, Per, Press, Reel, Reels, Repel, See, Seep, Seer, Seers, Sees, Sleep, Sleeper, Sleepers, Sleeps, Spree
Croissant level 7 – Bee, Bees, Beet, Beets, Beset, Best, Bet, Betise, Bets, Bit, Bite, Bites, Bits, Its, See, Set, Sew, Sit, Site, Stew, Sweet, Tee, Tees, Tie, Ties, Twee, Web, Webs, Website, Wee, West, Wet, Wise, Wit, Wits
Croissant level 8 – Bill, Billow, Blow, Boil, Bow, Bowl, Ill, Lob, Low, Oil, Owl, Will
Croissant level 9 – Deed, Den, Denude, Dud, Due, Dun, Dune, End, Ended, Need, Needed, Nude, Nun, Unneeded
Croissant level 10 – Empire, Ire, Mere, Mire, Peer, Per, Perm, Pie, Pier, Prim, Prime, Rim, Rime, Rip, Ripe
Croissant level 11 – Able, Ably, Bale, Bare, Barely, Barley, Bear, Belay, Blare, Bleary, Bray, Earl, Early, Layer, Lyre, Real, Relay, Rely, Year
Croissant level 12 – Bed, Bedbug, Beg, Bred, Bud, Budge, Bug, Drug, Dub, Due, Dug, Ebb, Grub, Grubbed, Red, Rub, Rubbed, Rude, Rue, Rug, Urge, Urged
Croissant level 13 – Are, Ear, Ears, Ease, Era, Eras, Erase, Eraser, Erasure, Err, Rare, Rear, Reuse, Rue, Rues, Ruse, Sea, Sear, See, Seer, Sue, Sure, Use, User
Croissant level 14 – Ape, Apes, Ash, Dash, Had, Has, Hasp, Head, Heads, Heap, Heaps, Pad, Pads, Pea, Peas, Phase, Phased, Sad, Sap, Sea, Shade, Shape, Shaped, Shed, Spa, Spade, Sped
Croissant level 15 – Able, Album, Ale, Alum, Amble, Bale, Balm, Beam, Blame, Blue, Elm, Emu, Hale, Ham, Haul, Heal, Helm, Hem, Hub, Hue, Hum, Humble, Hummable, Lamb, Lame, Male, Maul, Meal, Mule, Mum, Mumble
Croissant level 16 – Den, Die, Din, Dine, Diner, Dire, End, Fed, Fen, Fend, Fern, Fiend, Fin, Find, Finder, Fine, Fined, Finer, Fir, Fire, Fired, Fried, Friend, Infer, Ire, Nerd, Red, Rein, Rend, Rid, Ride, Rife, Rind
Croissant level 17 – After, Are, Art, Ate, Ear, Eat, Eater, Era, Exert, Extra, Far, Fare, Fat, Fate, Fax, Fear, Feat, Fee, Feet, Fete, Free, Fret, Raft, Rat, Rate, Reef, Ret, Tar, Tare, Tax, Taxfree, Taxer, Tea, Tear, Tee, Tree
Croissant level 18 – Envoy, Envy, Levy, Lone, Lonely, Love, Lovely, Lune, Lye, Novel, One, Only, Oven, Unlovely, Vole, Volley, Yell
Croissant level 19 – Elf, Fell, Felt, File, Fill, Fillet, Fit, Flit, Ill, Left, Let, Lie, Life, Lift, Lilt, Lit, Tell, Tie, Tile, Till
Croissant level 20 – Ate, Date, Dates, Ease, Eased, East, Eat, Eats, Sad, Sat, Sated, Sea, Seat, Seated, Sedate, See, Seed, Set, Stead, Steed, Tea, Teas, Tease, Teased, Teds, Tee, Tees

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