Word Cookies Fusilli Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Fusilli in Stupendous Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Fusilli 01 – Door, Dove, Drove, Over, Overdo, Red, Redo, Rode, Rove, Roved
Fusilli 02 – Crust, Cut, Cuts, Rust, Rut, Ruts, Struck, Stuck, Truck, Tuck, Tucks, Tusk
Fusilli 03 – New, News, Rye, Sew, Sewn, Sews, Wren, Wrens, Wry, Wryness, Yen, Yes, Yew, Yews
Fusilli 05 – Immune, Immunise, Men, Menu, Menus, Mien, Mime, Mimes, Mine, Mines, Minus, Muse, Sin, Sue, Sum, Sun, Use
Fusilli 06 – Bless, Boss, Job, Jobless, Jobs, Less, Lob, Lobe, Lobes, Lobs, Lose, Loses, Loss, Slob, Slobs, Sob, Sobs, Sole, Soles
Fusilli 07 – Gin, Gins, Ink, Inks, Kin, King, Kings, Kiss, Kissing, Sign, Signs, Sin, Sing, Sings, Sink, Sinks, Sins, Ski, Skiing, Skin, Skins
Fusilli 08 – Abate, Abet, Ablate, Able, Ale, Ate, Bale, Bat, Bate, Beat, Belt, Bet, Bleat, Eat, Late, Let, Tab, Table, Tale, Tea, Teal
Fusilli 09 – Align, Gaily, Gain, Gang, Gaping, Gapingly, Inlay, Lain, Laying, Lying, Nail, Pail, Pain, Pang, Paying, Piggy, Plain, Plan, Play, Playing, Plying
Fusilli 10 – Clue, Clues, Cue, Cues, Ken, Knuckle, Knuckles, Lens, Luck, Lune, Neck, Necks, Sec, Skulk, Skunk, Slunk, Suck, Suckle, Sue, Sulk, Sun, Sunk, Uncle, Uncles, Use
Fusilli 11 – Aids, Dais, Dash, Dashing, Digs, Dish, Gain, Gains, Gash, Gins, Gnash, Hags, Hand, Hands, Hang, Hangs, Hind, Nags, Said, Sand, Sang, Shading, Shin, Sigh, Sign, Sing, Snag
Fusilli 12 – Aim, Ale, Ample, Ape, Elm, Imp, Impale, Impel, Lame, Lamp, Lap, Leap, Lie, Lime, Limp, Lip, Mail, Male, Map, Maple, Meal, Mile, Pail, Pal, Pale, Palm, Pea, Peal, Pie, Pile, Plea
Fusilli 13 – Ace, Acme, Acne, Aim, Ambiance, Amen, Ana, Anaemic, Ban, Bane, Beam, Bean, Bin, Cabin, Came, Can, Cane, Cine, Cinema, Ice, Main, Man, Mane, Mania, Maniac, Manic, Mean, Men, Mice, Mien, Mince, Name, Nib, Nice
Fusilli 14 – Ant, Ants, Ate, East, Eat, Eats, Fan, Fans, Fast, Fasten, Fat, Fate, Fates, Fats, Feast, Feat, Feats, Fen, Fens, Neat, Nest, Net, Nets, Safe, Sane, Sat, Sea, Seat, Sent, Set, Tan, Tans, Tea, Teas, Ten
Fusilli 15 – Age, Ages, Agile, Ails, Aisle, Ale, Alias, Axial, Axis, Axle, Axles, Gala, Galas, Galaxies, Gale, Gales, Gas, Gel, Gels, Lag, Lags, Lase, Lax, Leg, Legs, Lie, Lies, Sag, Saga, Sage, Sail, Sale, Sea, Seal, Six
Fusilli 16 – Abate, Abated, Abet, Ablate, Able, Bade, Bald, Bale, Baled, Bate, Bated, Bead, Beat, Belt, Blade, Bleat, Bled, Dale, Data, Datable, Date, Deal, Dealt, Debt, Late, Lead, Table, Tabled, Tale, Teal
Fusilli 17 – Accusing, Can, Cans, Casing, Causing, Gain, Gains, Gas, Gin, Gins, Gun, Guns, Nag, Nags, Sag, Sang, Scan, Sign, Sin, Sing, Snag, Snug, Suing, Sun, Sung, Using
Fusilli 18 – Ale, All, Awe, Awed, Dale, Deal, Dew, Dwell, Lad, Ladle, Law, Lead, Led, Lewd, Wad, Wade, Wall, Walled, Weal, Wed, Weld, Well
Fusilli 19 – Abrupt, Abut, Art, Bar, Bat, Burp, But, Par, Part, Pat, Pub, Put, Rap, Rapt, Rat, Rub, Rut, Tab, Tap, Tar, Trap, Tub
Fusilli 20 – Amber, Argue, Auger, Bare, Barge, Beam, Bear, Brag, Game, Garb, Gear, Germ, Grab, Gram, Grub, Mare, Rage, Ream, Umbra, Umbrage, Urge,

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