Word Cookies Gelato Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Gelato in Noticeable Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Gelato level 1 – Deer, Err, Erred, Eve, Ever, Red, Reed, Revere, Revered, Veer, Veered
Gelato level 2 – Coin, Con, Conic, Convict, Cot, Icon, Into, Ion, Nit, Not, Tin, Ton, Tonic
Gelato level 3 – Foment, Font, Men, Met, Net, Not, Note, Often, Omen, One, Ten, Toe, Tome, Ton, Tone
Gelato level 4 – Ana, Angular, Aura, Gala, Gnarl, Gun, Lag, Lug, Lunar, Lung, Nag, Rag, Rang, Rug, Run, Rung, Urn
Gelato level 5 – Ale, Ate, Dale, Date, Deal, Dealt, Eat, Eel, Elate, Elated, Lad, Late, Lead, Led, Lee, Let, Tale, Tea, Teal, Tee
Gelato level 6 – Air, Airs, Ars, Oar, Oars, Our, Savior, Savor, Sir, Soar, Sora, Sou, Sour, Vair, Vairs, Various, Via, Virus, Vis, Visa, Visor
Gelato level 7 – Edge, Edgeless, Edges, Eel, Eels, Else, Geese, Gel, Gels, Glee, Led, Ledge, Ledges, Lee, Lees, Leg, Legs, Less, Sedge, Sedges, See, Seed, Seeds, Sees, Sledge, Sledges
Gelato level 8 – Align, Baffling, Bag, Bail, Ban, Bang, Big, Bin, Fail, Fan, Fang, Fib, Fig, Fin, Final, Flag, Fling, Gaff, Gain, Gin, Lag, Lain, Nag, Nail, Nib, Nil
Gelato level 9 – Age, Aged, Ale, And, Angel, Angle, Angled, Dale, Dangle, Deal, Dean, Den, End, Gad, Gale, Gel, Glad, Glean, Lad, Laden, Lag, Land, Lane, Lead, Lean, Led, Leg, Lend, Nag
Gelato level 10 – Ace, Aces, Ape, Apes, Cap, Cape, Capes, Caps, Capsize, Case, Epic, Epics, Ice, Ices, Pace, Paces, Pea, Peas, Pie, Pies, Sap, Scape, Sea, Sec, Sip, Size, Spa, Space, Spice, Zip, Zips
Gelato level 11 – Dies, Dips, Dire, Dries, Drip, Drips, Ires, Pier, Piers, Pies, Pride, Prides, Pried, Pries, Prise, Prised, Reps, Ride, Rides, Rids, Ripe, Ripes, Rise, Side, Sped, Spider, Spied, Spire, Spired
Gelato level 12 – Agin, Air, Airs, Gain, Gains, Gas, Gin, Gins, Gnar, Gnars, Grain, Grains, Gran, Grans, Grin, Nag, Nags, Rag, Rags, Rain, Rains, Ran, Rang, Rig, Rigs, Ring, Rings, Sag, Sang, Sign, Sin, Sing, Sir, Snag
Gelato level 13 – Aid, And, Ant, Audit, Aunt, Dating, Daunt, Daunting, Dig, Din, Dint, Dug, Dun, Dung, Gain, Gait, Gaunt, Giant, Gin, Gnat, Gun, Gut, Inn, Nag, Nit, Nut, Tag, Tan, Tang, Tin, Tug, Tun, Tuna, Tuning, Unit
Gelato level 14 – Are, Ban, Bane, Banner, Banners, Bans, Bar, Bare, Bares, Barn, Barns, Bars, Base, Baser, Bean, Beans, Bear, Bears, Bra, Bras, Ear, Earn, Earns, Ears, Era, Eras, Near, Nears, Ran, Sane, Sea, Sear, Snare
Gelato level 15 – Are, Art, Ate, Ear, Earth, Earthy, Eat, Era, Hare, Hart, Hat, Hate, Hater, Hay, Hear, Heart, Hearty, Heat, Rat, Rate, Ray, Rye, Tar, Tea, Tear, Tray, Try, Tyre, Year, Yet
Gelato level 16 – Alert, Alter, Earl, Earn, Elan, Lane, Lantern, Late, Laten, Later, Lean, Leant, Learn, Learnt, Lent, Near, Neat, Rant, Rate, Ratel, Real, Rent, Rental, Tale, Tanner, Tare, Tarn, Teal, Tear, Tern
Gelato level 17 – Ace, Acme, Acne, Aim, Amen, Ana, Anaemic, Cam, Came, Can, Cane, Cine, Cinema, Ice, Main, Man, Mane, Mania, Maniac, Manic, Mean, Men, Mice, Mien, Mince, Mine, Name, Nice
Gelato level 18 – Add, Added, Addle, Addled, Ale, Awe, Awed, Dale, Dawdle, Dawdled, Dead, Deal, Dew, Lad, Law, Lead, Led, Lewd, Wad, Waddle, Waddled, Wade, Waded, Weal, Weld
Gelato level 19 – Earth, Hare, Hart, Hate, Hater, Hear, Heart, Heat, Rate, Tare, Tear, Thaw, Threw, Ware, Wart, Water, Wear, Wheat, Whet, Wrath, Wreath
Gelato level 20 – Airy, Arch, Cart, Chair, Char, Charity, Chart, Chary, Chat, Chit, City, Hair, Hairy, Hart, Itch, Itchy, Racy, Rich, Tray, Yacht

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