Word Cookies Linguine Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Linguine in Stupendous Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Linguine 01 – Fee, Fierce, Fir, Fire, Free, Ice, Ire, Reef, Rice, Rife
Linguine 02 – Boo, Boot, Booty, Boy, Boycott, Coot, Cot, Coy, Too, Toot, Tot, Toy
Linguine 03 – Nor, One, Open, Ore, Oven, Over, Pen, Per, Pore, Prone, Prove, Proven, Rope, Rove
Linguine 04 – Elm, Less, Lie, Lime, Lye, Mess, Messily, Messy, Mile, Miles, Slim, Slime, Slims, Slimy, Sly, Smile
Linguine 05 – Accost, Act, Acts, Cast, Cat, Cats, Coast, Coat, Coats, Cost, Cot, Cots, Oast, Sat, Scat, Sot, Taco, Tacos
Linguine 06 – Cord, Coup, Court, Crop, Croup, Curd, Curt, Dour, Drop, Duct, Port, Pour, Pout, Prod, Product, Proud, Rout, Tour, Trod, Trop
Linguine 07 – Ace, Acme, Ape, Came, Camp, Camped, Cap, Cape, Caped, Dam, Dame, Damp, Decamp, Mace, Mad, Made, Map, Mead, Pace, Paced, Pad, Pea
Linguine 08 – Big, Bin, Bingo, Bog, Boil, Bony, Boy, Gin, Glib, Glob, Goblin, Ignobly, Ion, Lion, Lob, Log, Loin, Long, Lying, Nib, Nil, Nobly, Oil, Oily, Only
Linguine 09 – And, Are, Dare, Darn, Dean, Dear, Den, Ear, Earn, End, Era, Had, Hand, Hard, Harden, Hare, Hared, Head, Hear, Heard, Hen, Herd, Near, Nerd, Ran, Read, Red
Linguine 10 – Acne, Agile, Alien, Align, Angel, Angelic, Angle, Cage, Cane, Cine, Clang, Clean, Cling, Gain, Gale, Genial, Glance, Glean, Glen, Lace, Lacing, Lain, Lance, Lane, Lean, Lice, Line, Nail, Nice
Linguine 11 – Act, Action, Ant, Antic, Can, Cant, Cat, Cation, Coat, Coin, Con, Cot, Fact, Faction, Faint, Fan, Fat, Fin, Fit, Font, Icon, Into, Ion, Nit, Not, Oaf, Tan, Tic, Tin, Ton, Tonic
Linguine 12 – Ace, Act, Ale, All, Allocate, Allot, Alto, Ate, Call, Cat, Cell, Cello, Cleat, Coal, Coat, Collate, Cot, Eat, Lace, Lacteal, Late, Let, Local, Locale, Locate, Lot, Oat, Tale, Tall, Tea, Teal, Tell, Toe, Toll
Linguine 13 – Alight, Align, Ant, Gain, Gait, Giant, Gilt, Gin, Glint, Gnat, Hail, Halt, Halting, Hang, Hat, Hating, Hilt, Hint, Hit, Lag, Lain, Light, Lit, Nag, Nail, Nigh, Night, Nil, Nit, Tag, Tail, Tan, Than, Thin, Thing, Tin
Linguine 14 – Aim, Aims, Amiss, Ape, Apes, Imp, Impasse, Imps, Map, Maps, Mass, Mess, Miss, Pass, Pea, Peas, Pie, Pies, Same, Sap, Saps, Sea, Seam, Seams, Seas, Sepia, Sip, Sips, Spa, Spasm, Spies
Linguine 15 – Aged, Bade, Badge, Bare, Bared, Barge, Barged, Bead, Bear, Beard, Brag, Bread, Bred, Dare, Dear, Debar, Drab, Drag, Garb, Garbed, Gear, Grab, Grade, Rage, Raged, Read
Linguine 16 – Align, All, Fail, Fall, Falling, Fan, Fang, Fig, Fill, Fin, Final, Flag, Flail, Fling, Gain, Gall, Gin, Lag, Lain, Nag, Nail, Nil
Linguine 17 – Ana, Annotate, Ant, Ate, Atone, Eat, Neat, Neon, Net, None, Not, Note, One, Tan, Tea, Ten, Tenant, Tent, Toe, Ton, Tone, Tot
Linguine 18 – Acre, Calorie, Care, Carol, Clear, Coal, Coil, Coral, Core, Earl, Lace, Lair, Liar, Lice, Lore, Oral, Race, Rail, Real, Recoil, Relic, Rice, Rile, Role
Linguine 19 – Jest, Jet, Jets, Jolt, Jolts, Jostle, Jot, Lest, Let, Lets, Lose, Lost, Lot, Lots, Set, Slot, Sole, Sot, Stole, Toe, Toes
Linguine 20 – Dent, Diet, Dine, Dint, Done, Dote, Edit, Edition, Indie, Indite, Into, Node, Note, Noted, Tend, Tide, Tied, Toed, Tone, Toned

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