Word Cookies Martini Answers

Here are the answers to Word Cookies Martini in Monumental Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Martini 1 – Add, Adds, Aid, Aids, And, Dais, Did, Disdain, Sad, Said, Sand, Sin,
Martini 2 – Deed, Deer, Deride, Derided, Did, Die, Died, Dried, Eddied, Eider, Ire, Red, Reed, Rid, Ride,
Martini 3 – Alga, Await, Gait, Gala, Gilt, Lag, Law, Tag, Tail, Twig, Wag, Wagtail, Wail, Wait, Wig, Wilt, Wit,
Martini 4 – Elf, Elm, Emu, Femur, Flue, Fuel, Fume, Lemur, Lure, Muff, Muffle, Muffler, Mule, Rue, Ruff, Ruffle, Rule, Rum,
Martini 5 – Deed, Deer, Doe, Doer, Erode, Eroded, Err, Odd, Odder, Ode, Order, Ordered, Ore, Red, Redder, Redo, Reed, Rod, Rode, Roe,
Martini 6 – Bluer, Grumble, Rumble, Mule, Burr, Grub, Bugle, Ruler, Burgle, Rule, Bulge, Urge, Lumber, Gruel, Germ, Burger, Grumbler, Blue, Blur, Bugler, Glum, Glue,
Martini 7 – Add, Addle, Ale, Day, Dead, Deadly, Deal, Delay, Delayed, Dyad, Dye, Dyed, Eddy, Eel, Eye, Eyed, Lad, Lady, Lay, Lead, Leaded, Led, Lye, Yea,
Martini 8 – Dirt, Distort, Dot, Dots, Its, Rid, Rids, Riots, Rod, Rods, Rot, Rots, Sir, Sit, Sort, Stir, Tort, Torts, Tot, Tots, Trio, Trios, Trod, Trot, Trots,
Martini 9 – Tone, Cone, Neon, Deco, Nonce, Tend, Done, Connoted, Cooed, Coot, Coed, Toon, Tonne, Toed, Onto, Dent, Node, Dote, Once, None, Tenon, Note, Coned, Code, Noon,
Martini 10 – Air, Airing, Gain, Gap, Gin, Grain, Grin, Nag, Nap, Nip, Pain, Pair, Pairing, Pan, Pang, Par, Paring, Pig, Pin, Ping, Rag, Rain, Ran, Rang, Rap, Rig, Ring, Rip,
Martini 11 – Big, Bin, Brig, Bring, Briny, Bug, Bun, Burn, Bury, Burying, Buy, Buying, Gin, Gnu, Grin, Grub, Gun, Guy, Nub, Rib, Rig, Ring, Rub, Ruby, Rug, Rugby, Ruin, Run, Rung, Urn,
Martini 12 – Ripen, Preying, Ripe, Pier, Ring, Ire, Rye, Pen, Peg, Ping, Pine, Pin, Pig, Pry, Pie, Yen, Rip, Rig, Gripe, Grip, Prey, Grey, Pyre, Prig, Gin, Grin, Reign, Rein, Nip,
Martini 13 – Tarn, Ring, Gnat, Air, Rain, Grain, Inn, Giant, Gait, Tang, Rag, Ran, Rat, Rig, Grant, Rang, Rant, Tar, Tag, Tan, Nag, Ranting, Rating, Nit, Girt, Gin, Grit, Grin, Tin, Ant, Gain, Art,
Martini 14 – Alpha, Caliph, Can, Canal, Cap, Chain, Chap, Chin, China, Chip, Clan, Clap, Clip, Hail, Hip, Inch, Lain, Lap, Lip, Nail, Nap, Nil, Nip, Pail, Pain, Pal, Pan, Panic, Phial, Pica, Pin, Pinch, Plain, Plan,
Martini 15 – Nod, Pinned, Don, Neon, Pied, Din, Die, Den, Nine, Eon, Inn, Done, Iodine, Opine, Pen, Pinion, Pine, Pin, Doe, Pined, Pod, Pie, Dine, Node, Dope, Pinioned, Pond, One, Ion, End, Opined, None, Ode, Open, Nip,
Martini 16 – Silly, Clays, Slay, Slab, Ails, Bias, Bays, Ills, Labs, Call, Basic, Basil, Cabs, Sill, Sail, Clay, Bails, Bail, Bill, Calls, Ally, Lilac, Slily, Syllabic, Ably, Sally, Lays, Ball, Lily, Scab, Balls,
Martini 17 – Spat, Fact, Caps, Fiat, Cats, Pacifist, Tips, Fats, Aspic, Taps, Acts, Fits, Cast, Fast, Pact, Pats, Past, Fist, Pits, Spit, Pica, Scat, Facts,
Martini 18 – Mains, Mantissa, Stamina, Mist, Miss, Manias, Matins, Tins, Tans, Amiss, Mantis, Mania, Sins, Main, Ants, Satin, Mats, Nits, Aims, Mists, Mints, Saint, Stain, Masts, Amass, Sits, Mast, Mass,
Martini 19 – Lase, Eels, Allege, Ales, Age, Gels, Ages, Eel, Legal, Sage, Lags, Gel, Legalese, Else, Geese, Glee, Gas, Sag, Gale, Gall, See, Sea, Eagle, Lee, Leg, Gales, Legs, Ease, Sale, Lag, All, Ale, Galls, Sell,
Martini 20 – Goer, Frog, Fear, Ago, Age, Ore, Fare, Era, Far, Oar, Ego, Rag, Roe, Ear, Gear, For, Foe, Fog, Oaf, Fore, Forage, Ogre, Gore, Rage, Are,

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