Word Cookies Palmier Answers

Here are the answers to Word Cookies Palmier in Distinguished Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Palmier level 1 – All, Ally, Call, Calm, Calmly, Cam, Clam, Clay, Lay, Mall, May, Yam
Palmier level 2 – Fen, Fens, Fin, Fine, Fines, Fins, Fun, Fuse, Infuse, Sin, Sine, Sue, Sun, Use
Palmier level 3 – Hollow, Hollowly, Holly, Holy, How, Howl, Loll, Lolly, Low, Lowly, Owl, Wholly, Why, Woo, Wool, Woolly
Palmier level 4 – Fist, Fit, Fits, Its, Set, Sett, Sift, Sit, Site, Sty, Test, Testify, Testy, Tie, Ties, Yet, Yeti, Yetis
Palmier level 5 – Amen, Are, Arm, Ear, Earn, Enema, Era, Man, Mane, Mar, Mare, Mean, Meaner, Men, Mere, Name, Near, Ram, Ran, Ream, Rename
Palmier level 6 – Gin, Igloo, Ion, Lino, Lion, Lip, Log, Logo, Loin, Long, Loon, Loop, Looping, Lop, Loping, Nil, Nip, Oil, Pig, Pin, Ping, Polo, Pool, Pooling
Palmier level 7 – Ate, Date, Dates, Ease, Eased, East, Eat, Eats, Sad, Sat, Sated, Sea, Seat, Seated, Sedate, See, Seed, Set, Stead, Steed, Tea, Teas, Tease, Teased, Teds, Tee, Tees
Palmier level 8 – Amen, Ease, Eases, Enema, Enemas, Man, Mane, Manes, Mass, Mean, Meanness, Means, Men, Mess, Name, Names, Same, Sane, Sea, Seam, Seamen, Seams, Seas, See, Seem, Seems, Seen, Sense, Sesame
Palmier level 9 – Feint, Feints, Fen, Fens, Fin, Fine, Fines, Fins, Fist, Fit, Fits, Infest, Inset, Its, Nest, Net, Nets, Nit, Nits, Sent, Set, Sift, Sin, Sine, Sit, Site, Ten, Tens, Tie, Ties, Tin, Tins
Palmier level 10 – Age, Agree, Are, Art, Ate, Eager, Ear, Eat, Eater, Era, Err, Garret, Garter, Gate, Gear, Get, Grate, Grater, Great, Greater, Greet, Rag, Rage, Rare, Rat, Rate, Rater, Rear, Regret, Tag, Tar, Tea, Tear, Tee, Tree
Palmier level 11 – Gin, Icing, Ink, Kin, King, Nick, Pick, Picking, Pig, Pin, Ping, Pink
Palmier level 12 – Aim, Air, Airman, Ana, Aria, Arm, Main, Man, Mania, Mar, Maria, Marina, Rain, Ram, Ran, Rim
Palmier level 13 – Age, Ages, Awe, Ease, Ewe, Ewes, Gas, Sag, Sage, Saw, Sea, See, Sew, Sewage, Wag, Wage, Wages, Wags, Was, Wee
Palmier level 14 – Eel, Eve, Ever, Evil, Ire, Lee, Leer, Lever, Lie, Lire, Live, Liver, Reel, Relive, Revel, Revile, Rile, Veer, Veil, Vie, Vile, Viler
Palmier level 15 – Dewdrop, Dew, Doer, Dope, Doped, Drew, Drop, Odd, Odder, Owed, Pew, Pore, Pored, Powder, Power, Prod, Prow, Redo, Rode, Rope, Rowed, Word, Worded, Wore
Palmier level 16 – Add, Added, Addle, Addled, Ale, Awe, Awed, Dale, Dawdle, Dawdled, Dead, Deal, Dew, Lad, Law, Lead, Led, Lewd, Wad, Waddle, Waddled, Wade, Waded, Weal, Weld
Palmier level 17 – Age, Aged, Awe, Awed, Deaf, Dew, Due, Duff, Dug, Fad, Fade, Fed, Feud, Few, Fudge, Fug, Gad, Gaff, Gaffe, Guffaw, Guffawed, Wad, Wade, Wag, Wage, Waged
Palmier level 18 – Ace, Acre, Arc, Are, Arose, Car, Care, Cares, Cars, Case, Coarse, Core, Cores, Ear, Ears, Era, Eras, Oar, Oars, Ore, Ores, Race, Races, Roe, Rose, Scar, Scare, Score, Sea, Sear, Sec, Soar, Sore
Palmier level 19 – Ado, Ago, Aid, Aiding, And, Avid, Avoid, Avoiding, Dig, Din, Diva, Divan, Diving, Dog, Doing, Don, Dong, Gad, Gain, Gin, Goad, God, Indigo, Ion, Nag, Nod, Nova, Ova, Vain, Van, Via, Void, Voiding
Palmier level 20 – Heir, Heirs, Hem, Hems, Hero, Heroi