Word Cookies Penne Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Penne in Stupendous Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Penne 01 – Dim, Dimly, Idly, Lid, Limit, Lit, Mild, Tidily, Tidy, Timid, Timidly
Penne 02 – Tic, Tact, Attics, Tacit, Act, Cast, Attic, Cat, Its, Static, Sit, Sat
Penne 03 – Erupt, Peer, Per, Pert, Pet, Pure, Puree, Put, Repute, Rue, Rut, Tee, Tree, True
Penne 04 – Cackle, Cackled, Cake, Clad, Dace, Dale, Deal, Deck, Kale, Lace, Laced, Lack, Lacked, Lake, Lead, Leak
Penne 05 – Ace, Ale, Cafe, Calf, Clef, Elf, Face, Facile, Fail, File, Flea, Ice, Lace, Leaf, Lice, Lie, Life
Penne 06 – Adapt, Adapted, Add, Adept, Ape, Ate, Data, Date, Dated, Dead, Eat, Pad, Pat, Pea, Peat, Pet, Tap, Tape, Taped, Tea
Penne 07 – Abet, Bane, Banter, Bare, Barn, Bate, Bean, Bear, Beat, Bent, Earn, Near, Neat, Rant, Rate, Rent, Tarn, Tear, Tern
Penne 08 – Ailing, Align, Fail, Failing, Fan, Fang, Fig, Filing, Fin, Final, Finial, Flag, Flan, Fling, Gain, Gin, Lag, Lain, Nag, Nail, Nil
Penne 09 – Acre, Apiece, Cape, Caper, Care, Carp, Creep, Earpiece, Eerie, Epic, Pace, Pair, Pare, Peace, Pear, Peer, Piece, Pier, Pierce, Price, Race, Reap, Recipe, Rice, Ripe
Penne 10 – Act, Acts, Ant, Antic, Antics, Ants, Can, Cans, Cant, Cast, Cat, Cats, Its, Nit, Nits, Sat, Satin, Scan, Scant, Scat, Sin, Sit, Stain, Tan, Tans, Tic, Tin, Tins
Penne 11 – Aid, Air, And, Arid, Daring, Darn, Dig, Din, Drag, Drain, Gad, Gain, Gin, Gird, Grain, Grand, Grid, Grin, Grind, Nadir, Nag, Rag, Raid, Rain, Ran, Rang, Rid, Rig, Rind, Ring
Penne 12 – Age, Aged, Ale, And, Angel, Angle, Angled, Dale, Dangle, Deal, Den, End, Gale, Gel, Glad, Gland, Glean, Jade, Jag, Jangle, Jangled, Lad, Laden, Lag, Land, Lane, Lead, Lean, Led, Leg, Lend, Nag
Penne 13 – Aid, Aide, Ale, All, Ally, Alley, Allied, Daily, Dale, Dally, Day, Deal, Delay, Dial, Die, Dye, Idea, Ideal, Ideally, Idle, Idly, Lad, Ladle, Lady, Laid, Lay, Lead, Led, Lid, Lie, Lily, Lye, Yell, Yield
Penne 14 – Able, Above, Absolve, Ale, Ales, Also, Bale, Bales, Base, Blase, Lase, Lob, Lobe, Lobes, Lose, Love, Loves, Oval, Ovals, Sale, Salve, Save, Sea, Seal, Slab, Slave, Slob, Sob, Sole, Solve, Vale, Vales, Vase, Veal, Vole, Voles
Penne 15 – Ion, Ions, Ire, Iron, Irons, Join, Joiner, Joiners, Joins, Noes, Noise, Nor, Nose, Nosier, One, Ones, Ore, Ores, Rein, Reins, Rejoin, Rejoins, Rinse, Rise, Risen, Roe, Rose, Rosin, Senior, Sin, Sir, Siren, Snore, Son, Sore
Penne 16 – Ales, Apes, Asleep, Ease, Easel, Eels, Elapse, Else, Laps, Lapse, Lase, Leap, Leaps, Lease, Lees, Pale, Pales, Pals, Peal, Peals, Peas, Peel, Peels, Plea, Pleas, Please, Sale, Seal, Seep, Slap, Sleep
Penne 17 – Age, Aged, Ages, Bad, Bade, Badge, Badges, Bag, Bags, Base, Based, Bead, Beads, Bed, Beds, Beg, Begs, Dab, Dabs, Degas, Gas, Sad, Sag, Sage, Sea
Penne 18 – Accuse, Accused, Ace, Aces, Case, Cased, Cause, Caused, Cud, Cue, Cued, Cues, Due, Dues, Sad, Sauce, Sea, Sec, Sud, Sue, Sued, Use, Used
Penne 19 – Gin, Got, Ingot, Ink, Inn, Into, Ion, Kin, King, Kit, Knit, Knot, Knotting, Nit, Not, Noting, Tin, Tint, Ton, Tot
Penne 20 – Adorn, Donor, Doom, Door, Doorman, Manor, Maroon, Moan, Mood, Moon, Moor, Nomad, Norm, Odor, Random, Road, Roam, Roan, Roman, Room

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