Word Cookies Rum Answers

Here are the answers to Word Cookies Rum in Conspicuous Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Rum 1 – Eel, Her, Hew, Wee, Heel, Here, Leer, Reel, Were, Hewer, Wheel, Where, Wheeler
Rum 2 – Duo, Hod, Hum, Mud, Old, Ooh, Doom, Hold, Hood, Loom, Loud, Ludo, Mood, Duomo, Mould, Hoodlum
Rum 3 – Any, Can, Cap, Cup, Hay, Nap, Pan, Pay, Pun, Yap, Chap, Cyan, Puny, Yuan, Punch, Paunch, Punchy, Paunchy
Rum 4 – Eve, Hip, His, Pie, See, She, Sip, Vie, Eves, Hips, Hive, Pies, Seep, Ship, Vies, Hives, Sheep, Sieve, Peevish
Rum 5 – Due, Err, Her, Hue, Led, Red, Rue, Duel, Held, Herd, Hurl, Lure, Rude, Rule, Lured, Ruder, Ruled, Ruler, Hurdle, Hurled, Hurdler
Rum 6 – Heel, Heir, Here, Hire, Leer, Lice, Lire, Lyre, Reel, Rely, Rice, Rich, Rile, Cheer, Creel, leech, Lyric, Relic, Celery, Cheery, Lichee, Lychee, Cheerily
Rum 7 – Age, Ape, Are, Ear, Era, Gap, Par, Pea, Peg, Per, Rag, Rap, Gape, Gear, Page, Pare, Pear, Peer, Rage, Reap, Agree, Eager, Grape, Pager, Peerage
Rum 8 – Eon, Fen, Foe, Men, Met, Net, Not, Oft, One, Ten, Toe, Ton, Too, Font, Foot, Mono, Moon, Moot, Note, Omen, Onto, tome, Tone, Often, Foment, Footmen
Rum 9 – Fog, For, Fug, Fun, Fur, Gnu, Gun, Log, Lug, Nor, Our, Rug, Run, Urn, Flog, Foul, Four, Frog, Golf, Gulf, Long, Lung, Rung, Flour, Flung, Gluon, Furlong
Rum 10 – Are, Ear, Era, Err, Eve, Red, Aver, Dare, Dear, Deer, Ever, Rare, Rave, Read, Rear, Reed, Veer, Drear, Eared, Erred, Evade, Raved, Raver, Dearer, Evader, Reader, Reared, Reread, Averred
Rum 11 – Elm, Ice, Imp, Lie, Lip, Lop, Mop, Oil, Pie, Clip, Coil, Come, Cope, Epic, Lice, Lime, Limp, Loci, Lope, Mice, Mile, Mole, Mope, Pile, Poem, Pole, Impel, Compel, Police, Compile, Polemic
Rum 12 – Net, See, Set, Tee, ten, Nest, Nets, Nett, Seen, Tees, Sent, Sets, Sett, Stet, Teen, Tees, Tens, Tent, Test, Nests, Senses, Setts, Teens, Tenet, Tense, Tents, Tests, Tsetse, Tensest
Rum 13 – Ant, Ate, Eat, Eve, Net, Nit, Tan, Tea, Tee, Ten, Tie, Tin, Van, Vat, Vet, Via, Vie, Even, Nave, Neat, Teen, Tine, Vain, Vane, Vein, Vent, Vine, Eaten, Naive, Native, Naivete
Rum 14 – Art, Ash, Has, Hat, Hay, Rat, Ray, Sat, Say, Shy, Sty, tar, Thy, Try, Arts, Ashy, Hart, Hats, Rash, Rats, Rays, Star, Stay, Tars, Tray, Tsar, Hasty, Stray, Trays, Astray, Ashtray
Rum 15 – Eels, Else, Ever, Eves, Eyes, Leer, Levy, Lyre, Reel, Rely, Revs, Ryes, Seer, Veer, Very, Every, Leers, Lever, Reels, Reeve, Revel, Serve, Sever, Veers, Verse, Severe, Severely
Rum 16 – Dent, Duet, Dune, Nerd, Nude, Rend, Rent, Rude, Rune, Runt, Tend, Tern, True, Tune, Turn, Rerun, Ruder, Trend, Truer, Tuned, Tuner, Under, Undue, Return, Turned, Untrue, Nurture, Nurtured
Rum 17 – Bibs, Bits, Blob, Blot, Bobs, Boil, Bolt, Boys, List, Lobs, Lost, Lots, Oils, Oily, Silo, Silt, Slit, Slob, Slot, Soil, Toil, Toys, Blots, Boils, Bolts, Lobby, Silty, Styli, Lobbyist
Rum 18 – Dial, Gain, Glad, Laid, Lain, Land, Nail, Paid, Pail, Pain, Pang, Ping, Plan, Align, Gland, Plaid, Plain, Adding, Ladding, Ligand, Padding, Paddling
Rum 19 – Ale, All, Ate, Eat, Elm, Let, Mat, Met, Tea, Lame, Late, Male, Mall, Malt, Mate, Meal, Meat, Melt, Tale, Tall, Tame, Teal, Team, Tell, Metal, Mallet
Rum 20 – Gin, Its, Nit, Rig, Sin, Sir, Sit, Tin, Gins, Girt, Gist, Grin, Grit, Nits, Rigs, Ring, Sign, Sing, Stir, Tins, Grins, Grist, Rings, Sting, String

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