Word Cookies Shine Musket Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Shine Musket in Prominent Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Shine Musket 01 – Feint, Fen, Fin, Fine, Finite, Fit, Net, Nit, Ten, Tie, Tin
Shine Musket 02 – Egg, Egging, Gig, Gin, Nip, Peg, Pegging, Pen, Pie, Pig, Pin, Pine, Ping
Shine Musket 03 – Amen, Ham, Hem, Hen, Hue, Hum, Human, Humane, Man, Mane, Mean, Men, Menu, Name
Shine Musket 04 – Ace, Acid, Add, Aid, Aide, Aided, Caddie, Dead, Dice, Diced, Did, Die, Died, Ice, Iced, Idea
Shine Musket 05 – Airport, Iota, Pair, Parrot, Part, Patio, Port, Prior, Rapt, Ratio, Riot, Roar, Rota, Taro, Trap, Trio, Trip
Shine Musket 06 – Ale, All, Alley, Ally, Ate, Eat, Late, Lately, Lay, Let, Lye, Tale, Tall, Tally, Tea, Teal, Tell, Yell, Yet
Shine Musket 07 – Implant, Lain, Lamp, Limp, Lint, Mail, Main, Mint, Nail, Pail, Pain, Paint, Palm, Pant, Plain, Plait, Plan, Plant, Plat, Pliant, Tail, Tamp
Shine Musket 08 – Aim, Aims, Ash, Cash, Chaos, Chasm, Coma, Comas, Comma, Commas, Ham, Hams, Has, Him, His, Machismo, Macho, Maim, Maims, Mash, Mimosa, Mosaic, Sham
Shine Musket 09 – Abase, Ace, Aces, Age, Ages, Babe, Babes, Bag, Bags, Base, Beg, Begs, Cabbage, Cabbages, Cage, Cages, Case, Gas, Sag, Saga, Sage, Scab, Sea, Sec
Shine Musket 10 – Ale, Amen, Any, Elm, Lame, Lane, Lay, Laymen, Lean, Lye, Male, Man, Mane, Manly, Many, May, Meal, Mealy, Mean, Meanly, Men, Name, Namely, Yam, Yen
Shine Musket 11 – Babe, Bade, Bare, Bared, Bead, Bear, Beard, Beer, Bread, Bred, Breed, Dare, Dear, Debar, Deer, Drab, Eared, Jabbed, Jabber, Jabbered, Jade, Jeer, Read, Reed
Shine Musket 12 – Ace, Aerobic, Air, Arc, Are, Bar, Bare, Bear, Bier, Boar, Bore, Brace, Brio, Car, Care, Cobra, Core, Crab, Ear, Era, Ice, Ire, Oar, Orb, Ore, Race, Rib, Rice, Rob, Robe, Roe
Shine Musket 13 – Abate, Abated, Abet, Add, Ate, Bad, Bade, Bat, Bate, Bated, Bead, Beaded, Beat, Bed, Bee, Beet, Bet, Dab, Data, Date, Dated, Dead, Deadbeat, Debate, Debated, Debt, Deed, Eat, Tab, Tea, Tee
Shine Musket 14 – Ale, Ales, Ate, East, Eat, Eats, Lase, Last, Late, Latest, Least, Lest, Let, Lets, Sale, Salt, Sat, Sea, Seal, Seat, Set, Sett, Slat, Slate, Stale, State, Steal, Tale, Tales, Taste, Tea, Teal, Teas, Test
Shine Musket 15 – Ails, Aim, Aims, Aisle, Ale, Ales, Alias, Elm, Elms, Lame, Lase, Lie, Lies, Lime, Limes, Mail, Mails, Malaise, Male, Males, Meal, Meals, Mile, Miles, Sail, Salami, Sale, Same, Sea, Seal, Seam, Slam, Slim, Slime, Smile
Shine Musket 16 – Airs, Gain, Gains, Garnish, Gash, Gins, Gnash, Grain, Grains, Grin, Grins, Hair, Hairs, Hang, Hangs, Nags, Nigh, Rags, Rain, Rains, Rang, Rash, Rigs, Ring, Rings, Sang, Shin, Sigh, Sign, Sing, Snag
Shine Musket 17 – Eel, Eels, Else, Ken, Keen, Kernel, Kernels, Knee, Kneel, Kneels, Knees, Lee, Leek, Leeks, Leer, Leers, Lees, Lens, Reek, Reeks, Reel, Reels, See, Seek, Seen, Seer, Sleek, Sneer
Shine Musket 18 – Ant, Aunt, Gaunt, Gnat, Gun, Gut, Hang, Hat, Haunt, Hug, Hung, Hunt, Hut, Nag, Naught, Nut, Tag, Tan, Tang, Than, Tug, Tun, Tuna
Shine Musket 19 – Aid, Aide, Ale, All, Allied, Dale, Deal, Dial, Die, Idea, Ideal, Idle, Lad, Ladle, Laid, Lead, Led, Lid, Lie, Lied
Shine Musket 20 – Begin, Being, Belong, Bile, Bilge, Bingo, Boil, Bone, Glib, Glob, Globe, Goblin, Gone, Ignoble, Legion, Line, Lion, Lobe, Loin, Lone, Long, Noble, Oblige, Ogle

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