Word Cookies Spaghetti Answers


Here are the answers to Word Cookies Spaghetti in Stupendous Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Spaghetti level 1 –
Spaghetti level 01 – ails, ash, hails, has, his, lash, lavish, sail, via, vial, visa
Spaghetti level 02 – note, otter, rent, rote, rotten, tenor, tent, tone, toner, tore, torn, tort, trot
Spaghetti level 03 – acne, angel, angle, cage, cane, clan, clang, clean, gale, glace, glance, glean, lace, lane, lean
Spaghetti level 04 – ace, acme, acne, acumen, amen, cam, came, can, cane, cue, mace, man, mane, mean, men, menu, name
Spaghetti level 05 – annoy, annoys, any, can, canny, cans, canyon, canyons, con, cons, cosy, coy, nosy, say, scan, son, soy, soya
Spaghetti level 06 – mare, mart, mate, mature, meat, mura, mure, mute, muter, rate, ream, tame, tamer, tare, team, tear, term, tram, true
Spaghetti level 07 – amply, dam, damp, damply, day, lad, lady, lamp, lap, lay, mad, madly, map, may, pad, pal, palm, pay, play, ply, yap
Spaghetti level 08 – add, addition, ado, aid, and, ant, did, din, dint, don, dot, idiot, into, ion, nit, nod, not, odd, tan, tin, toad, ton
Spaghetti level 09 – age, agent, ant, ate, eat, eating, gain, gait, gate, get, giant, gin, gnat, nag, neat, net, nit, tag, tan, tang, tea, ten, tie, tin, tinge
Spaghetti level 10 – alley, ally, call, caller, care, cell, cellar, clay, clear, clearly, earl, early, lace, lacer, lacy, layer, lyre, race, racy, rally, real, really, recall, relay, rely, year, yell
Spaghetti level 11 – aging, aid, align, and, angling, dangling, dial, dig, din, gad, gag, gain, gang, gig, gin, glad, gland, inland, inn, lad, lading, lag, laid, lain, land, landing, lid, nag, nail, nil
Spaghetti level 12 – accost, acoustic, act, acts, cactus, cast, cat, cats, coast, coat, coats, cost, cot, cots, cut, cuts, iota, its, oast, oust, out, outs, sat, scat, scout, sit, sot, suit, tacos, taco, tic
Spaghetti level 13 – age, ago, ale, are, ear, earl, ego, era, erg, gale, galore, gear, gel, glare, goal, gore, lag, lager, large, leg, log, lore, oar, ogle, ogre, oral, ore, rag, rage, real, regal, roe, role
Spaghetti level 14 – aim, ambit, ambition, ant, atom, bait, ban, bat, baton, bin, bit, boat, into, ion, iota, main, man, mat, mint, moan, mob, nib, nit, not, obtain, omit, tab, tan, tin, tomb, ton
Spaghetti level 15 – aid, air, airy, arid, daily, dairy, day, dial, diary, dray, drily, dry, had, hail, hair, hairy, hard, hardily, hardly, hardy, hay, hid, idly, lad, lady, laid, lair, lay, liar, lid, raid, rail, ray, rid, yard
Spaghetti level 16 – abet, abets, ates, bake, bakes, base, bask, basket, baste, bate, bates, beak, beaks, beast, beat, beats, best, bets, east, eats, sake, seat, skate, stab, stake, steak, tabs, take, takes, task, teas
Spaghetti level 17 – cent, cone, convert, core, corn, cove, coven, cover, covert, covet, crone, note, noter, once, oven, over, overt, rent, rote, rove, tern, tone, toner, tore, torn, trove, vent, veto, vote, voter
Spaghetti level 18 – ape, are, arm, ear, era, ham, hamper, hare, harm, harp, heap, hear, hem, map, mar, mare, par, pare, pea, pear, per, perm, pram, ram, ramp, rap, ream, reap
Spaghetti level 19 – defy, deify, deign, den, deny, die, dig, dignify, din, dine, dingy, dye, dying, edgy, edify, edifying, end, fed, feign, fend, fiend, fig, fin, find, fine, fined, gin
Spaghetti level 20 – acid, aide, cafe, cane, caned, cine, dace, dance, deaf, dean, dice, dine, face, faced, fade, fancied, fend, fiance, fiend, find, fine, fined, iced, idea, nice

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