Word Cookies Wine Answers

Here are the answers to Word Cookies Wine in Tremendous Category. (8 Cookies Max)


Wine 1 – Cod, Codfish, Disc, Disco, Dish, Fish, Foci, His, Hod, Shod, Sod,
Wine 2 – Cope, Copper, Core, Crop, Cropper, Err, Ore, Pop, Pope, Pore, Pro, Prop, Proper, Roe, Rope,
Wine 3 – Air, Arc, Aria, Cairn, Can, Canal, Car, Cranial, Lain, Lair, Liar, Nail, Nil, Racial, Rail, Rain, Ran,
Wine 4 – Doe, Dope, Led, Lode, Lop, Lope, Loped, Ode, Old, Plod, Plop, Plopped, Pod, Pole, Poled, Pop, Pope, Popped,
Wine 5 – Con, Cone, Conquer, Core, Corn, Crone, Cue, Cure, Eon, Nor, Once, One, Ore, Ounce, Our, Quern, Roe, Rue, Run, Urn,
Wine 6 – Are, Ear, Earn, Earns, Ears, Ease, Ensnare, Eras, Erase, Near, Nears, Nee, Ran, Sane, Saner, Sea, Sear, See, Seen, Seer, Snare, Sneer,
Wine 7 – Ace, Act, Ate, Axe, Axle, Cat, Clay, Eat, Exact, Exactly, Exalt, Lace, Late, Latex, Lax, Lay, Let, Lye, Talc, Tale, Tax, Tea, Teal, Yet,
Wine 8 – Deft, Defy, Deify, Deity, Die, Diet, Dig, Edgy, Edify, Edit, Fed, Fetid, Fidget, Fidgety, Fig, Fit, Get, Gift, Gifted, Tide, Tidy, Tie, Tied, Yet, Yeti,
Wine 9 – Elk, Elm, Ilk, Ill, Ink, Ken, Kill, Kin, Knell, Lie, Lien, Like, Liken, Lime, Limekiln, Line, Link, Men, Mien, Mile, Milk, Mill, Mine, Mink, Minke, Nil,
Wine 10 – Aided, Aides, Eased, Eases, Asides, Ideas, Diseased, Dead, Aside, Disease, Dies, Died, Aide, Aids, Dais, Deed, Sees, Seed, Said, Idea, Seas, Deeds, Eddies, Seeds, Sided, Sides, Adds, Ease,
Wine 11 – Bed, Lid, Lie, Din, Die, Nibbled, Nibble, Lined, Blind, Bin, Bid, Bib, Lied, Lien, Blend, Bled, Bile, Bind, Lend, Dine, Bible, Bide, Idle, Nib, End, Led, Bend, Line, Nil,
Wine 12 – Pug, Pus, Rug, Rue, User, Ups, Super, Per, Peg, Pure, Upsurge, Surge, Urges, Urge, Sure, Sue, Usurp, Guru, Purse, Rues, Use, Rugs, Pegs, Spur, Ruse, Purge,
Wine 13 – New, Din, Die, Dike, Ken, Winked, Wide, Den, Kin, Ink, Kid, Wink, Wind, Wine, Dine, Inked, Wend, Kind, Wed, Widen, Knew, End, Wined, Win,
Wine 14 – Airy, Ring, Nay, Air, Rain, Grain, Fairy, Far, Fan, Rag, Ran, Ray, Rangy, Rainy, Fang, Grainy, Fir, Fig, Fin, Fry, Rig, Rang, Nag, Gray, Faring, Fair, Gin, Grin, Fraying, Fray, Yarn, Any, Gain,
Wine 15 – Eel, Elf, Elite, Elm, Emit, Fee, Feel, Felt, Fete, File, Film, Fit, Flee, Fleet, Flit, Item, Left, Let, Lie, Life, Lifetime, Lift, Lime, Limit, Lit, Meet, Melt, Met, Mile, Mite, Tee, Teem, Tie, Tile, Time,
Wine 16 – Race, Cellar, Real, Care, Lira, Lire, Rail, Rill, Caller, Circle, Call, Lice, Cell, Liar, Acre, Earl, Circa, Clerical, Relic, Lilac, Lair, Recall, Lace, Cleric, Rice, Clear,
Wine 17 – Rode, Reed, Credo, Cede, Erect, Deco, Otter, Rote, Detector, Coed, Detect, Cord, Core, Trod, Trot, Toed, Redo, Coder, Creed, Dote, Tree, Tore, Tort, Deter, Erode, Doer, Code, Octet, Decor, Teed,
Wine 18 – Dive, Live, Vile, Evil, Lived, Lives, Livid, Sidle, Shed, Side, Dies, Hive, Lied, Vies, Vied, Dives, Evils, Devilish, Slide, Hides, Ivies, Veil, Dish, Hide, Devil, Held, Isle, Hives, Veils, Lies, Slid, Lids, Idle, Idles, Hived, Sled,
Wine 19 – Artery, Ate, Yet, Terry, Rye, Tyre, Err, Eat, Rear, Rat, Ray, Tarry, Tea, Retry, Ear, Tar, Tray, Aye, Rate, Rater, Rare, Try, Tear, Year, Art, Are,
Wine 20 – Gibe, Begin, Aide, Agenda, Banged, Bandage, Idea, Bead, Aged, Gibed, Badge, Badinage, Began, Bind, Adage, Dine, Abide, Bide, Bane, Gained, Again, Bade, Deign, Bend, Being, Band, Bang, Gain,

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