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Here are the answers to WORD CONNECT ¤ Levels 1151 to 1160. We have provided screenshot for all the levels here.


Word Connect Level 1151 – Lap, Map, Pea, Pale, Ample, (bonus), Ale, Alp, Amp, Ape, Elm, Lam, Lea, Pal, Lame, Lamp, Leap, Male, Meal, Palm, Peal, Plea, Maple


Word Connect Level 1152 – Nor, One, Iron, Join, Rein, Rejoin, (bonus), Eon, Ion, Ire, Ore
Word Connect Level 1153 – Cite, Lent, Line, Lite, Nice, Tile, Client, (bonus), Cent, Etic, Lien, Lint, Nite, Tine
Word Connect Level 1154 – Air, Lay, Rail, Vary, Viral, Rivalry, (bonus), Ail, Ivy, Lav, Ray, Via, Airy, Lair, Liar, Vial, Rival
Word Connect Level 1155 – Enter, Their, There, Either, Entire, Neither, (bonus), Ether, Hiree, Inert, Inter, Thine, Three, Herein, Nether, Therein
Word Connect Level 1156 – Arid, Dais, Raid, Said, Saudi, Radius
Word Connect Level 1157 – Asia, Cast, Scat, Asiatic
Word Connect Level 1158 – Bad, Bar, Rob, Boar, Board, Aboard, (bonus), Ado, Boa, Bod, Bra, Bro, Dab, Oar, Orb, Rad, Rod, Bard, Drab, Road, Broad, Abroad
Word Connect Level 1159 – Made, Mend, Menu, Amend, Named, Mundane, (bonus), Amen, Dame, Dane, Damn, Dean, Dune, Mane, Mead, Mean, Name, Nude, Unnamed
Word Connect Level 1160 – Hire, Tyre, Wire, With, Their, Threw, Write, Writhe, (bonus), Heir, Rite, Tier, Whet, Whir, Whit, Writ, White, Writer, Wither

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