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Here are the answers to WORD CONNECT ¤ Levels 2471 to 2480. We have provided screenshot for all the levels here.


Word Connect Level 2471 – Dire, Heir, Hire, Rein, Ride, Hired, (bonus), Hind, Rend, Diner, Dine, Herd, Hide, Rind, Nerd


Word Connect Level 2472 – Heck, Heed, Cheek, Chuck, Chucked, (bonus), Deuce, Educe, Deke, Duce, Huck, Hued, Check, Deck, Duck, Duke, Cede, Checked
Word Connect Level 2473 – Digs, Sign, Sing, Signing, Singing, (bonus), Gins, Ding
Word Connect Level 2474 – Nerve, Never, Venue, Serene, Revenue, (bonus), Ensure, Severe, Ensue, Evens, Nevus, Nurse, Reeve, Reuse, Revue, Serve, Seven, Sever, Veers, Verse, Sneer, Veneer
Word Connect Level 2475 – Else, Rest, Test, Tree, Steel, Steer, Settle, Tester, (bonus), Letter, Retest, Streel, Ester, Reels, Stele, Trees, Eels, Eres, Leer, Lees, Lets, Reel, Sere, Tees, Tele, Tete, Street, Lest, Seer, Terse, Sleet, Reset, Setter
Word Connect Level 2476 – Eerie, Enter, Entree, Retire, Retiree, (bonus), Reenter, Rentier, Terrene, Terrine, Entire, Renter, Rerent, Inert, Inter, Retie, Terre, Trier
Word Connect Level 2477 – See, Reel, Seem, Sell, Smell, Seller, Smeller, (bonus), Merle, Reels, Eels, Elms, Eres, Leer, Lees, Mell, Sere, Ere, Else, Mere, Elm, Eel, Seer, Resell
Word Connect Level 2478 – Arch, Cram, Harm, Math, March, Match, (bonus), Chart, Ratch, Cart, Hart, Mart, Tach, Tram, Charm, Chat, Char
Word Connect Level 2479 – Kane, Keen, Wake, Wane, Weak, Week, Weaken, (bonus), Knew, Anew, Knee, Wean
Word Connect Level 2480 – Eject, Enter, Erect, Center, Recent, Reject, (bonus), Tenrec

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